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本文摘要:Eastern Europe is warning David Cameron against meddling with “sacrosanct” migrant worker rights, as the newly re-elected prime minister prepares to renegotiate Britain’s EU membership terms.新的参选的英国首相戴维卡梅伦(David Cameron)打算新的谈判英国的欧盟成员国条款之际,


Eastern Europe is warning David Cameron against meddling with “sacrosanct” migrant worker rights, as the newly re-elected prime minister prepares to renegotiate Britain’s EU membership terms.新的参选的英国首相戴维卡梅伦(David Cameron)打算新的谈判英国的欧盟成员国条款之际,东欧国家警告其不要介入“神圣不可侵害”的移民劳工权利。While Mr Cameron’s election victory was greeted by positive signals from Brussels, Paris and Berlin, Britain’s traditional allies in the east are preparing for a fight to defend the free movement rights of migrant workers.尽管比利时、法国和德国对议会选举获得胜利的卡梅伦获释了大力信号,但英国在东欧地区的传统盟国打算为保卫移民劳工的权利流动权利而斗争。“They cannot be touched,” Peter Javorik, Slovakia’s Europe minister, told the Financial Times.“它们无法被感受到,”斯洛伐克的欧洲事务部长彼得亚沃尔奇克(Peter Javorik)告诉他英国《金融时报》。

Szabolcs Takács, Hungary’s EU minister, called freedom of movement a “red line”, adding that it was one of the EU’s biggest achievements. “We don’t like it when Hungarian workers are called migrants, they are EU citizens with the freedom to work in other European countries,” he said.匈牙利的欧盟(EU)事务部长绍博尔奇塔卡克斯(Szabolcs Takács)形容权利流动权是一条“红线”,并补足说道,那是欧盟仅次于的成就之一。“我们对匈牙利工人被称作移民深感反感,他们是欧盟公民,享有到其他欧洲国家工作的权利,”他回应。

Meanwhile, Rafa Trzaskowski, Poland’s Europe minister, said: “We are ready to sit at the table and talk about what needs to be reformed...but when it comes to immigration, our red lines are well known.”同时,波兰的欧洲事务部长纳法乌恰斯科夫斯基(Rafa Trzaskowski)回应:“我们早已准备好跪上谈判桌,辩论必须改革的事务……但说到移民,我们的红线是众所周知的。”Britain has in the past counted former communist countries in central and eastern Europe as natural allies, but Mr Cameron has hurt relations in recent years by his tough stance on migration.英国曾把中、东欧的前共产党国家视作天然盟友,但近年卡梅伦在移民问题上的强硬态度立场使英国和这些国家的关系损毁。The issue is set to become the biggest flashpoint in Mr Cameron’s pursuit of a “new deal” for Britain, which he will put to an in-out referendum on UK membership of the bloc by 2017.卡梅伦将在2017年就英国否之后回到欧盟举办全民公民投票,在他谋求为英国谋求“新的协议”的过程中,移民问题将沦为仅次于的争辩焦点。The British prime minister’s election victory last week was accompanied by signs from leaders in western Europe that they would try to help him reset Britain’s relationship with the EU.上周卡梅伦在议会选举中获得胜利后,西欧国家领导人展现出出有他们不愿协助他“重新启动”英国和欧盟关系的迹象。


Angela Merkel, German chancellor, described his win as “simply great”, and Franois Hollande, French president, called Mr Cameron to invite him to Paris. Jean-Claude Juncker, European Commission president, said: “I stand ready to work with you to strike a fair deal for the United Kingdom in the EU.”德国总理安格拉默克尔(Angela Merkel)称之为卡梅伦的胜利“太好了”,而法国总统弗朗索瓦奥朗德(Franois Hollande)则约见邀卡梅伦采访巴黎。欧盟委员会(European Commission)主席让-克洛德容克(Jean-Claude Juncker)回应:“我愿为与你合作,为英国的欧盟成员国身份达成协议公平的协议。”Mr Cameron needs to secure a good deal, amid warnings by David Davis, a senior Conservative MP, that 60 or so Tory MPs could vote for a Brexit unless he succeeds.资深保守党议员戴维戴维斯(David Davis)警告称之为,卡梅伦必须谋求到一项好的协议,否则的话,60名左右的保守党议员将投票反对英国解散欧盟。

Mr Trzaskowski said that Poland was willing to help but there were limits. “Poland’s strategic interest is to keep Britain in. But it does not mean we will agree to anything. Competition and the internal market are sacrosanct. And so is freedom of movement,” he said.波兰的恰斯科夫斯基回应,波兰不愿协助英国,但那是有限度的。“波兰的战略利益是让英国回到欧盟。





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