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‘leyu乐鱼体育官网入口’里约约不约 配对神器爆红奥运村

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本文摘要:With the Olympic Games well underway, some Australian athletes are looking for a match off the field. 里大约奥运正在火热展开中,而同时,一些澳大利亚运动员也在赛场外找寻筛选。


With the Olympic Games well underway, some Australian athletes are looking for a match off the field. 里大约奥运正在火热展开中,而同时,一些澳大利亚运动员也在赛场外找寻筛选。Single athletes are using the wildly popular hook-up app Tinder to spice things up at the Olympic Village in the Brazilian city. 单身的运动员们争相用于热门约会软件Tinder,来为里大约奥运村的生活加添趣味。

Instagram accounts Tinderrio and Sportsswipe have uncovered the profiles of a string of Australian sporting names who are swiping left and right at the Games. Instagram上的两个账号Tinderrio和 Sportsswipe发布了一连串在奥运会期间用于该软件的澳大利亚运动员资料。Tennis star Thanasi Kokkinakis is among the legion of the worlds sporting elite who are apparently turning to the location-based matchmaking app. 网球明星塔纳西科基纳基斯也名列用户大军中。这些体坛精英似乎都在用于这款基于地理位置的筛选软件。

Figures from the app reveal the number of people who matched had jumped 129 percent since the athletes arrived at their accommodation over the weekend. 软件数据表明,自从运动员们周末住进奥运村以来,“筛选”人数上涨129%。Cyclists Kaarle McCulloch and Sam Welsford and swimmers Madeleine Grove and Leah Neale have also been supposedly spotted on the dating app. 自行车手卡尔丽麦克库罗斯和山姆韦尔斯福德,游泳运动员玛德琳格鲁夫和莉亚尼尔或许也经常出现在了该约会软件上。Water polo player Ashleigh Southern has been active on her account, with one of her profile pictures featuring a selfie in a white and green pinstripe blazer in front of Australias tower in the village. 水球运动员阿什莉萨瑟恩的账号十分活跃,其个人资料里还有一张她穿著白绿相间的细条纹运动服,车站在村内澳洲公寓楼前的自拍。The number of active users within the athletes village shot up by 64 percent, while the number of swipes soared by 69 percent. 运动员村的活跃用户数量惊减64%,而用于该软件时的“滑动”操作者次数下跌了69%。

Profiles from international athletes of nearly every sport can be found with updates like Got plenty of time to kill, or Looking for fun in Rio! 完全所有项目的各国运动员改版着自己的动态,可以看见他们的个人状态上写出着“大把时间必须沉醉于”或者“里大约寻乐”。Despite the Olympics now getting into full swing, technicians for the app claim the figures are still rising by the day. 尽管奥运赛事正在如火如荼地展开,Tinder的技术人员称之为,涉及用于数据每天仍在下跌。

The International Olympic Committee perhaps anticipated Rio 2016 becoming the steamiest on record by handing out 450,000 free condoms - the most ever for an Olympics Games. 国际奥委会也许预感到里大约奥运会沦为史上最狂野的一届,于是发给了45万个免费避孕套——这是目前为止派发最少的一次。And in addition, Australians have also been given 1,500 double-strength rubber following concerns of the Zika virus. 此外,考虑到寨卡病毒的威胁,澳大利亚运动员还获得了1500个双重防水避孕套。

The condoms contain an antiviral lubricant for added protection designed to combat against the mosquito-borne disease, which can also be transmitted through sexual contact. 这些避孕套所含抗病毒的润滑剂,构成针对寨卡病毒的“额外防水”。该病毒也可以通过性认识传播。The IOC says the condoms, which are known as Little shirts of venus in Brazil, would encourage 10,500 athletes and staff to practice safe sex. 国际奥委会称之为,获取避孕套将希望10500名运动员和工作人员展开安全性的性行为。


在巴西,避孕套还被称作“维纳斯的小衬衫”。Free condoms have been supplied since the 1988 Olympics in Seoul. 自1988年汉城奥运会起,就开始获取免费避孕套。

Australian swimmer Melanie Schlanger, 29, said recently that athletes will not be abstaining from sex during the games in the village. 29岁的澳大利亚游泳运动员梅拉妮施伦格最近回应,赛会期间,村内的运动员并会禁欲主义。



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