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本文摘要:Apple苹果公司Its stock may have come back down to earth, but Apple is still one of the most beloved brands in the world. Every launch of a new product is eagerly awaited. The company had tremendous success last year with the launch of the iPho


Apple苹果公司Its stock may have come back down to earth, but Apple is still one of the most beloved brands in the world. Every launch of a new product is eagerly awaited. The company had tremendous success last year with the launch of the iPhone 5 as well as the iPad mini, which helped drive record sales in the years final quarter.苹果公司(Apple)的股票也许早已新的回升到现实水平,但苹果品牌仍然是全球最不受青睐的品牌。它每一款新产品的公布都能引发消费者盼望的期望。公司去年公布了iPhone 5和iPad mini,都获得令人瞩目的顺利,公司在去年最后一个季度的销量也以求刷新新的纪录。

Google谷歌公司The search giant seems to be successfully adding hardware competency to its software dominance. It unveiled a host of exciting new products last year at CES. This year, one of the most anticipated releases will be for the recently patented Google Glass eyewear. It is expected to be available for under $1500 to ordinary consumers.搜寻巨头谷歌(Google)在软件优势的基础上顺利增强了硬件能力。它在去年的消费类电子展(CES)上发售了一系列激动人心的新产品。而今年,它最令人期望的产品之一非谷歌眼镜(Google Glass)什科。

这款产品最近早已取得了专利接纳,预计将以1,500美元的价格向普通消费者出售。Amazon亚马逊公司The worlds leading e-commerce company made a lot of investments last year that are expected to payoff in 2013. It went head to head with Apples iPad with the release of the Kindle Fire HD, which is now the #2 ranked tablet in the market. The company is also expected to improve its product delivery times with the opening of several fulfillment centers across the country as well as in South America.亚马逊(Amazon)早已沦为全球领先的电子商务公司,去年展开了大量投资。


2013年,这些投资预计将带给报酬。它以苹果iPad为竞争对手,发售了Kindle Fire HD,目前在平板电脑市场中位列第二。

此外,亚马逊将在美国和南美地区开办多个运营中心,预计将提高公司的产品交付给时间。IBMIBM公司The tech solutions company gave a better than expected outlook for 2013 on the back of increased growth in emerging markets such as Brazil, India and China. It also announced a new suite of mobile products for its business customers and an expanded relationship with ATT to increase its presence in the mobile market.随着巴西、印度和中国等新兴市场的发展,科技解决方案公司IBM在2013年的前景将好于预期。


此外,这家公司针对商务用户发售了一系列新型移动产品,还通过加剧与美国电话电报公司(ATT)的合作,不断扩大了公司在移动市场的影响力。Microsoft微软公司There was an underwhelming response to the latest version of Microsofts flagship product, Windows 8. However, analysts believe it is only a matter of time before consumers get used to the new interface and its presence across multiple platforms. The company also continues to perform well with its Office and Xbox products.虽然微软公司(Microsoft)近期发售的旗舰产品Windows 8反响平平,但分析师指出,这只是个时间问题,消费者迅速就不会习惯这种新的操作界面及其横跨多重平台的应用于能力。此外,它的Office与Xbox产品展现出仍然出色。Intel英特尔公司The worlds leading chip manufacturer is finally making a push into segments other than PCs by announcing a range of products designed to accelerate its presence in other personal electronic devices. It recently launched its high-speed, low power Atom processor aimed at the smartphone and tablet market.全球领先的芯片制造商英特尔(Intel)再一将注意力移往到了PC以外的其他市场。

为了减缓创建公司在其他个人电子设备领域的影响力,它公布了一系列新产品。近期,这家公司公布了针对智能手机与平板市场的高速、低耗凌动(Atom)处理器。Accenture埃森哲公司With a loyal client base that includes more than 3/4th of the Fortune Global 500, the global consultancy continues to enjoy healthy growth, generating net revenues of US$27.9 billion for the fiscal year 2012. It also remains one of the top companies to be employed at, spending over $850 million each year on employee training and development.凭借忠心的客户基础,其中还包括四分之三的《财富》全球500强劲公司(Fortune Global 500),跨国咨询公司埃森哲(Accenture)之后维持着身体健康快速增长。

2012财年,这家公司的净收入超过了279亿美元。此外,埃森哲也是最热门的用人单位之一,公司每年用作员工培训与发展的支出多达8.5亿美元。eBayeBay公司Perhaps taking cues from Pinterest, the company recently launched a brand new homepage containing a highly visual, personalized feed of products specifically tailored for the user. The redesign comes on the back of eBays remarkable recovery that had its stock up by 70% in the last year, beating out other ecommerce giants such as Amazon.也许是受到照片共享网站Pinterest的灵感,这家公司最近发售了全新的主页,其中还包括专为用户量身定做的高度可视化、个性化产品简要。在此之前,eBay经历了强大的衰退。

去年公司股票下跌了70%,不亚于其他电子商务巨头,例如亚马逊。FacebookFacebook公司The social media has managed to stabilize after a disastrous IPO last year and recently unveiled its latest product, the Graph Search feature that will allow users to search for results in their friends online activity. Analysts say the new feature could compete with sites such as Yelp and LinkedIn in terms of comparative searches.经历去年灾难性的IPO之后,这家社交媒体网站再一完全恢复平稳,并在最近公布了近期产品“社交图表搜寻(Graph Search)”。这项功能容许用作搜寻好友的在线活动。

分析师称之为,这个功能在较为式搜寻方面可以与评论网站Yelp和商务社交网站LinkedIn等网站相媲美。Cisco思科公司Its all about the cloud at Cisco and its made several acquisitions to compete in that market. The company recently unveiled several products from its Quantum software portfolio that will enable users to process data across their mobile and wireless networks.思科(Cisco)将重点放到云技术领域,为了强化在云技术市场的竞争,还展开了多笔并购。思科最近发售了Quantum软件产品人组中的几款新产品,用户可以通过这些产品横跨移动与无线网络来处置数据。



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